Hoosier Happy Campers

We are a camping group of individuals, couples and families. Some that prefer tents and some that have campers. We were originally apart of Meetup but needed a more happier platform to build and bond as a camping group and time to know its membership.
Membership Fees helps our camping group
meet the needs of our camping group that may include
website fees to boat or camping reservation fees.
Membership Dues
Individuals - $10 every two years
Couples - $15 every two years
Families - $20 every two years
Full amount is due on the even years
and 50% off is due on the odd years.
Our camping group usually chooses a state park to camp at and then the members that want to attend are responsible for choosing and reserving their sites or request a campsite to share. Members are required to have their own camping equipment. Those that have paid their dues are allowed to participate in group activities that may include pitch-ins that may reduce meal expenses. Members usually post their site numbers so we can find each other. We may not be able to guarantee the weather will be perfect but you may develop lasting friendships with those that enjoy camping like you.